Bale Mover 1400

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Highline’s line-up of bale movers makes round bale handling a breeze. With the Bale Mover 1400, you get fast and efficient handling with non-stop picking and transporting. Unloading can be done without leaving the cab and with Highline’s ingenuity built into every bale mover, you can expect faster bale hauling with only one tractor and operator.

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The Model 1400 turns big moving jobs into a pleasure by hauling 14 bales in a double row of seven bales. It'll load from either side and has the power to pick up bales on the fly. Rain, snow, hail or shine, you can pick bales anytime.

Standard features will keep you moving, the chain rails pack bales tight to eliminate spoilage during storage. Chain rails eliminate the cycle time between each bale being loaded.

Chains are sloped to conform to the slope of round bales, eliminating the need for cleats and reducing broken strings. They are also factory ground to remove sharp edges that can damage strings.

Hydraulic motors control the chains and eliminate gear boxes, bearings and shafts and allow the independent operation of either row of chains on the Model 1400.

Picking forks are easily adjusted to match different bale sizes.

Requires only two hydraulic spool valves.

1. Fast and Easy Loading…

The Model 1400 has two bale forks for loading from either side. All models have a standard 90 degree turn bale fork to automatically turn bales for non-stop loading from virtually any angle. Each side of the Model 1400 is controlled independently so you can fill up one side before filling up the other. Single row models come with a stabilizer wheel that automatically engages and retracts for increased stability on hilly terrain and along ditches.

Change your tires easily with the new rail configuration.

2. Unloading…

Unload without leaving the tractor. Back the Bale Mover where you want the bales, tilt the bed, engage the conveyor chains and drive slowly forward. Bales are stored in long, straight rows to minimize weathering

3. Transporting…

Overall, Highline Bale Movers are faster, even when miles from home because you only need one tractor and one operator and you don’t need to stop and start while loading.

Specifications for Model 1400

Configuration: Double Row
Horsepower Required: 90 hp
Hydraulic Outlets Required: 2
Capacity: 14 - 5' (1.524 meters) bales
Tires: 8 – 11L x 15, 12 ply rating, GVW 38,000 lbs.
Overall Length: 42.25' (12.8778 meters)
Bed Length: 37' (11.2776 meters)
Transport Width: 16.75' (5.1054 meters)
Shipping Weight: 9660 lbs (4381.7 kg)
Drawbar Weight: (with fully loaded bed) 1740 lbs (789.251 kg)


A WARRANTY TO STAND BEHIND YOUR EQUIPMENT Every piece of Highline equipment is built to last. Our innovative products have stood the test of time but to give you extra peace of mind, Highline offers a standard one year limited warranty.

  • One year parts and labour

Our warranty is your assurance that we stand behind our equipment. It is our commitment to build equipment that will help you do more. For more information on this or any Highline product, call (306) 258-2233 or 1-800-665-2010.

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